Old Holtwood Farm Silk Hope, NC

Products available:
These hay bale gardens come in a 24"x34" wooden frame and can fit either 2 tomato plants or 3 cucumber plants.
Pre-order yours now for $25 and pick-up at the farmer's market in Siler City or Pittsboro.

Tomato varieties: Brlack Krim, Mortgage Lifter, Juliet
Cucumber varieties: Suyo Long, National Pickling
Grow your own garden at home without digging
up your yard or having to pull weeds!!!
We now offer container hay bale gardens for you to grow at home!

This is a unique way of gardening where the hay is allowed to compost on the inside of the bale and releases nutrients to the plant. The outside of the hay bale maintains its unique look and keeps weeds from growing. The only garden care needed is to water regularly and harvest vegetables! No fertilizer or chemicals needed!
We mow the hay with a scythe, bale it by hand, and prepare it for planting by leaving it out in the rain for a couple weeks. Nothing is added to the hay as it provides nutrients for you to grow healthy, tasty vegetables!
Hay Bale Gardens
Hay Bale Gardens