Old Holtwood Farm Silk Hope, NC

Products available:
Look for us at the Siler City and Pittsboro farmers markets! We will have tomatoes, cucumbers, and many other vegetables to choose from.
We raise vegetables without fossil fuels or chemicals!
There are countless articles and studies about how dependent agriculture is on fossil fuels and chemicals, but we are in the process of proving that we can eliminate that dependency!

A few years ago, we started growing vegetables in hay bales. As the hay bale decomposes, it release nutrients that plants use to grow. The best part is, it doesn't grow weeds! No need to pull weeds or use any type of herbicide (organic or otherwise). Many people say this won't work. I'm not sure why they say that, because it works great!
We took this a step further, and are eliminating fossil fuel dependency by mowing and bailing our hay by hand using a scythe and a hand-powered hay baler. The hay bales get left out in the rain for a few weeks and they are ready for plants to go in!
Hay Bale Gardens