Old Holtwood Farm Silk Hope, NC

Products available:
Come see us at the Siler City and Pittsboro farmer's market! Our herd is still small, but we will have beef for sale throughout the market season. Contact us for breeding stock. As our herds grow, we will have more animals available on a regular basis.
Our farm has Dexter cattle and Spanish goats!
We have two goals for our livestock. One, raise hardy animals that thrive without medication, and two, eliminate the use of fossil fuels while raising them.

To accomplish the first goal, we focus on breeding based on hardiness traits. Our cattle have never been medicated, and we are well on our way to do the same with our goat herd. Goats are prone to internal parasites, and we strive to only use natural methods for prevention(like garlic and cayenne peppers). I am proud to say that we have a healthy three-year old doe that has never been given de-worming medicine.
To achieve independence of fossil fuels, we aim to only feed hay in the winter that we mow by hand using a scythe (the thing the Grim Reaper carries). This year we should be able to reach this pre-industrial achievement! It is a lot of physical labor, but we feel it is incredibly important to health of our animals and our environment!
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