Old Holtwood Farm Silk Hope, NC

Products available:
Right now, we are focusing on establishing our flocks. You can contact us to see what we have available for breeding stock, eggs, or meat, but it will be awhile until we have a regular product available. We feel it will be worth the wait to have the highest quality poultry. We have Dominique chickens, Bourbon Red turkeys, African geese, and Ancona ducks.
We raise naturally hatched chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese!
When we first started farming, we used a pretty standard method of incubating eggs, raising chicks in a brooder, and then free-ranging birds for meat and egg production. But we decided that wasn't a truly sustainable method of farming, and we are now working on raising flocks that naturally hatch and raise their young. It will take some time to grow our flocks to the size we want as most birds have had this natural instinct bred out of them.
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